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A Collective of Far North Artists

We are located at 124 Waterfront Drive on the Mangonui Harbour Waterfront, in the Historical Mangonui Courthouse in New Zealand's Far North.


Our artists and craftspeople create exquisite and quality fine art and craft. Uniquely timelss and contemporary. Each artist individually specialising in original handmade art. Including embossed leather journals and items, oil and acrylic canvas paintings, wood and resin sculpture, patina copper wall art, printmaking, mixed medium tapestry, wooden boxes, ceramic, glass, pounamu, semi-precious and handmade silver, and lamp worked glass art jewellery.

Jo Busby

Jo is a local leather maker who uses high quality vegetable tanned leather hides and highly pigmented leather dyes to emboss and create unique book covers, wristbands, guitar straps, hair hobs, card holders and belts. You can see more of Jo's work on Facebook at JEB Leather.

Kat Cowan

Kat has worked in every aspect of glass making, including architectural stained glass, mosaic, fusing, hot glass casting and lamp worked glass beads. Incorporating metal fabrication to enhance handmade glass cabochons and beads into unique art jewellery. Her bold and colourful handmade beads, use modern torch techniques to expand on old-time Italian millefiori techniques, making fine stringers and twists into abstract designs and floral patterns, against surfaces that sometimes look like natural stone. She occasionally incorporates different materials including semi precious stone as accents and on their own, inviting the viewer to escape into tiny worlds of wearable beauty. To see more of Kat's work on Facebook go to Kat Cowan Art


Kellie Edwards  

Kellie's figurative and landscape paintings and pastels are expressive and aim to create beautiful reminders to prioritise the moments in the everyday that give the lift we need to nourish our spirits. Moments of awe in the landscape, moments of connection, special quiet moments of reflection and moments celebrating big leaps of faith - all points to remember and treasure. Kellie studied Art and Design full time at the Auckland Technical Institute, then took up a scholarship at Auckland Society of Arts majoring in Painting. She has won awards in national and international art competitions and most recently was winner of the 2023 National Exhibition for Pastel Artists of New Zealand. You can see more about Kellie and her artwork at her website: Kellie Edwards Art

Jasmine Keir   

'My chosen artform has been to oxidise copper using natural, often edible products, creating a vast strong array of colours. The use of beautifully changeable copper enables me to express my interest of connection and growth in relation to our environment and the interaction of man and his impact...or lack of impact, the lapsing or time forming historical changes in habitats and behaviour. I particularly enjoy large open vistas, of which Northland feeds me daily. The tiniest pebble in the darkest corner will be as likely to catch my amusement.' To see more of Jasmine's art, visit her website Jasmine Keir Art.

Andy Morrison/Honey House Creations  

Andy is a sculptor, using natural and local woods that he combines with resin and acrylic paint to express lively and rhythmic formations embellished with colourful dots that have evolved from a past of pointillism drawing. At times he gives his sculptures kinaesthetic movement or lighting that softly glows through colourful resin to create a changing contrast and play between the dense wood and light. To see more of Andy's art, visit his Facebook page at Honey House Creations.


Cathie Slavin

Cathie is a painter, poet and storyteller in her subtle and dreamlike mixed medium artwork, handmade books, paintings and tapestry. Often her work is personal and about life in the far north of NZ giving a unique window into special places using found objects, stitched and painted into her canvases and tapestry, embellished with characters and words that are touching and poetic. To see more of Cathie's work, visit her Facebook page Cathie Slavin Art.

Mike Stanners   

Mike is a woodworker, jeweller and silversmith, making beautifully designed handmade boxes using inlay marquetry techniques with unique local and rare natural woods. He is also a silversmith and jewellery maker, fabricating silver around hand finished cabochons and semi precious stones, made to be kept in his one of a kind treasure boxes. 

Karen Vernon

Karen creates exquisite soft and etherial yet bold and colourful oil, acrylic and multi-material painted canvases. 'I believe we are most affected by the sense of sight. What we take in visually affects us mentally, physically, and spiritually. Therefore, it is of great importance that we look upon art which will nourish and uplift us, stimulate our imagination and creativity. My paintings are intuitive and painted under the tutelage of a benign spirit.' You can visit Karen's Facebook page at Kazartz.

Local artwork also on display by:

Ludek Adamak   

Glass and multi-material sculpture.

Omni Caeon  

Hand carved Pounamu greenstone and various stone pendants and earrings.

Helen Jean

Painting, sculpture and ceramics.

David Knight   


Mike Nettmann  

Acrylic paintings on canvas and paper.

Lynda Newth

Acrylic paintings on canvas and paper.

Isabelle Staron-Tutugoro

Printmaker and paintings on paper and canvas.


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